Kinaya Ya Mwangaza Kwa Giza.

Nile upate utamu, yani jasho yangu ni raha kwako, nyuki kama myama, utamu wa ulimu ni kanusho la uchungu.

Nairobi night life, half past the hours and the rest a mystery with every blessed second that passes to bring the next, these but phases and tastes that are acquired. 

I’ve come to realise what your eyes always want isn’t what your heart exactly needs, feeling squeezed in this place and the key is set in a puzzle within.

In literal sense, a one, two step movement moves the groove in the song that plays inside you, memories remind you of the past, this makes you reminisce and plan in the present thats a gift as you wait upon the future, just fast track and you spiced like the girls, chicken marinated for the moment to consumption and so is the vice versa too.

Lust only lasts for a while and it’ll always take you to the fake that’s last, classify yourself among the lost and that’s when you actually realise it’s worth it to loose all to find yourself, whom are you if I’m I, this but a rhetoric question with an answer loud enough to paralyse your thoughts, pause.

We all live life once, we all die or have died once, respect to the gone, but is it iconic or ironic that we get born again?

Dilemma me this and you’ll realise the reality in truth, do we look for all the answers in the wrong places, does your time rapture so as to realise that in all the seconds, minutes, hours passed that the answer has always been in front of you in plain sight.

We are all born sinners and that we literally are, seven continents, reference the seven gates of hell, where are we, why are we here and why do you know you live life, if we are one, why then do we live as strangers, does colour really seem necessary between mankind if we all bleed one colour as one?


Walk with me.

It’s sunset again, almost six so I’ll keep it straight as it on the wall clock.

Have you ever been free?

Riddle me that.

It takes time to heal, wounds always open and close, scars remain as permanent marks, in your mind, in your heart, in all you but, you grow to realise that the pain was vanity, our curse.
Every dusk presents a looking to dawn, a growth happens always as you age and you’re stronger than you were every time than last time.

Everything happens for a reason, they’re lessons, we all in class and we all learning, never loose faith and you’ll never loose yourself.

Goodbye Note.

I feel like am relapsing, tap dancing backwards, frank with words, glitch by the system installed in me. 

The fear of loosing you is as much as the fear of me falling back to darkness.

If I loose you then that mean I loose myself, imagine how years can be broken in minutes.

Going back to zero and you made it real quick to 100, in my imperfections I’ve lacks, my death, my sparks to light that flame that burns with as pain.

You loved me no matter what, did you finally see my monster side and lost the love towards the beast, will I loose the beauty you are behind that musk, will I ever peep through the windows of year heart, or am I a ghost, dead and gone?

Happy Birthday!

I heard a voice, woke up before but round two was the second part of the sleep series, what’s comfortable is the peace in slumber, decided to snap, this chat is an interaction with the voices in my head, Mother Nature sweet, reminiscing on a year ago, last, it was better than the last, love rules and this moment is like an awakening, listen to the key voices in the stepping, remember the right light sights in the darkness, senses seem senseless and that’s a statement that can stand as a version of comedy, kuchanganya tena ni remix, yani round two, if you put yourself out there to explore, learn and guard your heart, keep your mind clear and never let someone live in your mind rent free, love yourself enough, love your purpose.
Wisdom and love, both I want to have, the right light. 
Speaking in tongues, kuchanganya lugha.
“Do not conform to the pattern of this world, but be transformed by the renewing of your mind. Then you will be able to test and approve what God’s will is—his good, pleasing and perfect will.”

‭‭Romans‬ ‭12:2‬ ‭NIV‬‬


Remember To Understand.

To the unborn, fear the ones that are in existence before and after you realise that you find time and you should know that it was there, we mark and look forward to it but it stores your history in the great halls you walked into when you realised the truth about it.

Death is the end and many crave it, mostly fear it and all are vulnerable to it, if immortality exists, then hell is a prison, hevean is a safe haven.

It takes time to heal wounds, that’s why many survivors survive to share their stories, love without flaw and you’ll find peace in the process, learn how to take care of me, myself and I.

Lost can be found, just as ever dusk exists, dawn rises beside it.