Kinaya Ya Mwangaza Kwa Giza.

Nile upate utamu, yani jasho yangu ni raha kwako, nyuki kama myama, utamu wa ulimu ni kanusho la uchungu.

Nairobi night life, half past the hours and the rest a mystery with every blessed second that passes to bring the next, these but phases and tastes that are acquired. 

I’ve come to realise what your eyes always want isn’t what your heart exactly needs, feeling squeezed in this place and the key is set in a puzzle within.

In literal sense, a one, two step movement moves the groove in the song that plays inside you, memories remind you of the past, this makes you reminisce and plan in the present thats a gift as you wait upon the future, just fast track and you spiced like the girls, chicken marinated for the moment to consumption and so is the vice versa too.

Lust only lasts for a while and it’ll always take you to the fake that’s last, classify yourself among the lost and that’s when you actually realise it’s worth it to loose all to find yourself, whom are you if I’m I, this but a rhetoric question with an answer loud enough to paralyse your thoughts, pause.

We all live life once, we all die or have died once, respect to the gone, but is it iconic or ironic that we get born again?

Dilemma me this and you’ll realise the reality in truth, do we look for all the answers in the wrong places, does your time rapture so as to realise that in all the seconds, minutes, hours passed that the answer has always been in front of you in plain sight.

We are all born sinners and that we literally are, seven continents, reference the seven gates of hell, where are we, why are we here and why do you know you live life, if we are one, why then do we live as strangers, does colour really seem necessary between mankind if we all bleed one colour as one?


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