Jailed Freedom.

Never ask me because I know, am imperfect to the human eye but blessed in God’s outstanding presence.
I’m made in his own image and likeness, blessings on blessings and the curse we grind upon is irreversable as a permanent delete, dreams are valid as Lupita said, I just think nightmares are the irritating commercial breaks in an awesome movie, I’d rather flix with the net and chill.
Lord guide my thoughts.
What is love, to me, peace with a joy that shows that we are one, this but just a gesture, I understand the random weird stares, this is fine art, I think I just out shadowed Monalisa on her own pose, no disrespect, I’m just hustling for the visas, crosses over rivers, lakes and oceans, cruises with beauty from the gift of reality, got the reality shades on, big screens and am participating because Luos don’t act and play small, bloodlines root back to the seed and I’m Legend.


Feeling Burdened

For the longest time I’ve lived my life paralyzed by a looping stigma.
My fear is one I hear about quite often, a repetition of the events in history more than once caused this quagmire of a state, the worst addiction is pain while the best is love, inbetween are the good and bad, dreams and nightmares, lies and truth, so I ask, how can one trust without doubt straying them away?
Waking the thin line of a razor’s edge and each step slices through you till your own reflection is your best and worst enemy, dead and gone.
So am just seeking hope in the lost, in all this effort hoping to find hope again.

New Faces, Different Stories

If you look in all the places you thought the answers would be and found nothing; an empty room behind every closed door that you open, would you fill the room(s) as you move to the next or would you just walk away and move to the next?
Every person you meet, cross paths with, talk to, has the power to change your life.


Standing alone as the skies cracked open, the feeling soaked in gloom, felt like my doom sprayed all over me.
I watched as the away walk happened, an understanding lacked and an end marked its existance.

Open Up

My wisdom is limited to my age, my grave is one that I can’t escape and that’s reality’s bitter sweet taste, am human, both a lair and righteous being, split in between two as my roots and my gift is life, choose wise is my advice as you tread through every single breathing experience.Let me ask, if you died today in hell, would you wake up tomorrow going to heaven?

My question rhetoric yet it’s begging for the answer out loud, am judged, am my lack and I’m everything to those that welcome me into their lives, a learning experience is a process by which you’re educated, relate this to yourself, we are one and life happens as planned.

Have you ever thought that as a person you’re a failure, I have and have been, I feel more lost every time I find myself, so I sit and stare at myself questioning if all those are just smoke screens, what’s my problem, am a lost soul, au?

I will not teach you to know, I’ll neither do it for you to understand nor will I educate you about yourself, you may be lost but within you is the answer, look for it because you mistakes build up the great ending.

Believe and you’ll be, forgive yourself and you’ll forgive me.

Broken Persona. 

The wounds that are embedded as cracks in these walls mount to nothing, the worst is yet to come and I know not of the strength to stand for it, a worthless piece of paper was I, tossed in the flame and now I burn among the ashes.

It’s not even the most recent update, it’s the death that killed the life within as suicide, my end, your beginning.

Truth be told, I gave all, in return I’m lost drowning in the hell ocean I was cast into, my curse.

Even though I cry, tossing and turning through the night, it’s just for a while I guess, will I be better, I strongly doubt peace will be within me, I face broken hopes, broken dreams, all just dust in the flow of the wind.

Blocked as a bad habitat, my presence is cancerous, am intoxicated by a poison.