Broken Persona. 

The wounds that are embedded as cracks in these walls mount to nothing, the worst is yet to come and I know not of the strength to stand for it, a worthless piece of paper was I, tossed in the flame and now I burn among the ashes.

It’s not even the most recent update, it’s the death that killed the life within as suicide, my end, your beginning.

Truth be told, I gave all, in return I’m lost drowning in the hell ocean I was cast into, my curse.

Even though I cry, tossing and turning through the night, it’s just for a while I guess, will I be better, I strongly doubt peace will be within me, I face broken hopes, broken dreams, all just dust in the flow of the wind.

Blocked as a bad habitat, my presence is cancerous, am intoxicated by a poison.


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