Open Up

My wisdom is limited to my age, my grave is one that I can’t escape and that’s reality’s bitter sweet taste, am human, both a lair and righteous being, split in between two as my roots and my gift is life, choose wise is my advice as you tread through every single breathing experience.Let me ask, if you died today in hell, would you wake up tomorrow going to heaven?

My question rhetoric yet it’s begging for the answer out loud, am judged, am my lack and I’m everything to those that welcome me into their lives, a learning experience is a process by which you’re educated, relate this to yourself, we are one and life happens as planned.

Have you ever thought that as a person you’re a failure, I have and have been, I feel more lost every time I find myself, so I sit and stare at myself questioning if all those are just smoke screens, what’s my problem, am a lost soul, au?

I will not teach you to know, I’ll neither do it for you to understand nor will I educate you about yourself, you may be lost but within you is the answer, look for it because you mistakes build up the great ending.

Believe and you’ll be, forgive yourself and you’ll forgive me.


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