Jailed Freedom.

Never ask me because I know, am imperfect to the human eye but blessed in God’s outstanding presence.
I’m made in his own image and likeness, blessings on blessings and the curse we grind upon is irreversable as a permanent delete, dreams are valid as Lupita said, I just think nightmares are the irritating commercial breaks in an awesome movie, I’d rather flix with the net and chill.
Lord guide my thoughts.
What is love, to me, peace with a joy that shows that we are one, this but just a gesture, I understand the random weird stares, this is fine art, I think I just out shadowed Monalisa on her own pose, no disrespect, I’m just hustling for the visas, crosses over rivers, lakes and oceans, cruises with beauty from the gift of reality, got the reality shades on, big screens and am participating because Luos don’t act and play small, bloodlines root back to the seed and I’m Legend.


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