In these recent years, all these drops have a story to tell, whispers preach of a ledgend that used to be.

Lost in the jungle and it’s filled with trouble from all angles.

I questioned myself before I asked God what’s wrong with me, I feel so lonely, am all alone and on my own I currently suffer, burning on the inside like salt to an open wound, I’m a broken soul searching to be whole again and a few know this like the answer to a math test that put you on the spotlight.

So lost in the current that the present seems to be off and am looking for answers in places that have left me reeking with gazes.

Dreams are nolonger peaceful, nightmares rule the town of slumber and sleep is a place away from peace.

Am haunted by this creature that lives within me and I seek that breath of freedom to roam.


For the Bible will remind me.

For a moment you feel.
For a lifetime you live.
For sometime you realize reality is not yours to control.
For everyone that breaths cried at birth.

For as every second grows it reminds you of time.
For memories remind you that you fight to live.
For without death, no one remembers the essence in existence.
For healing exists.

For growth gives you strength.
For trust dies.
For strength fades.
For love concurs all.

For every beginning has an end.
But true love NEVER dies.