He saw the world in a different perspective, human yet not.

And that was just not but the creepy part, my name is given at birth, born at a number that was brought to life, a representative repetition of the pronouncing breath.

The tongue is mighty powerful, remember that in the end you are what you preach.

Peace be with you at your darkest hour.

I contemplated thoughts, I exposed myself to my fears, I weakened and that vulnerability took root, work was at play and others knelt down and prayed. 

Was it an, exosim?

Look within and find yourself, your voice is sound that can either be liked, disliked or tolerated.

I’m a demented monster struggling to find some angels.

Corrupted like a government sworn to satisfy it’s needs, up and about in the fields they grow it, a plantation exposing the reality behind the truth, born and raised as a child.

Did mama teach me right?

Alone I stood, as the wind blew he walked, the feelings within scrumbled and grew, looking back was the final blow, ouch!

Now he walked with a twitch and a glow, limping along the path before he disappeared, things just got weird.


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