God, why are you talking to me in

 this place, is thus what you meant exactly when you gave!
Will my favorite favour lead me to my grave or shame?
Nimechoka God.
Keep me still in all ways, sober in drained moments, lead me not to the grave because of pain that’s not my own to gain.
Naomba msamaha na sio tei kwa hii fate nagain, sio ati ninamblein, grave staki ikue my fame , ndani yangu niko na pain na Uo sio my gain. 


Looking within as the beat played in the background, when am FUCKED up, that’s the real me, all walls down.
Stop looking at me that way, you don’t know the torture in my mind, you don’t know the pain in my chest, I wear it like a vest,  am acing the test, am just rhythming because I feel am the best, am on a quest and am blessed.
Lean not on your own understanding.
Too focused and concentration is among a couple people in the national nation your birthed in, Africa’s best and this I confess.


I tried to help but realized that I couldn’t.

Help is a friend’s​ victim so to speak, all I can do is give you my opinion but the choice is yours.
Read between the lines and see the depth that proves the existing presence of the one you have, had and will have from experience, she that loves you will never leave and the vice versa of the original.
The beauty within love is that it’s not really what you want but need, soulmate ni gate between fates, imagine states where you meditate about them and realize, she’s either your Eve or he’s your Adam.
Kusema ukweli, the truth hurts, the truth sets you free, the truth always comes out, the truth is unforgettable.

The card drawn.