Edited version.

Mateachings za mkama; usiwai acha drink kwa meza, kuna rice out there, life is all about control,to me me it’s the way men make his morn and to her,makes him grow. Life ni funny,tamu kama honey na kila nyama iko na utamu wake.How can I make you relate in this state,question fate and the date’s that,that marks either a start or an end, make amends when necessary,life has twists and bends, over the highest mountain and down under the deepest valleys.

The thing is that the truth and only the truth hurts.

We all walk a path with a mix in the classes that exist, the teacher teaches us and the exams always come after every session like seasons, life is a house we all stay in, some make it a home and east or west we eventually come to rest.

Mpango wa kando huwa mwiba, sika mawaitha, nilifundiswa, ni time yangu ya kufundisha, mwalimu is the teacher, Ngai undethesya, yeye Hunitengeza, life ni path sisi hupitia pamoja, Cherry ni Vegas ya mtaani, kama vile south C Ililikua kwa E-sir, Wakenya, si alituambia, niliambiwa sitawai achwa, am Gos’s son, yaani a Man, rooted to the ground is my life, Mother Nature ni mama na Father Time ni baba, niko na makaka na madada, tumegrow over time, like the way an overy and a sperm combine to make one flesh, is it a boy or a girl, the difference is in the sex, mate, am royalty, British.

A product from slavery, changes happening like every other new moon, wisdom comes from within, all you do is ask for the key from God, that’s life.