If your chilling out with reality, then you should be star struck, TRUST ME; have you ever imagined that the best and oldest celebrity is life? You live it, you use it, you breathe it, time it and even plan on it but in real reality analysis, it’s not yours. It’s the ultimate gift of existence.
Every breath is a walk deeper through the halls of time; we just have different tour guides; so to speak. One spends time seeking, looking for a remedy for the curse that’s a blessing in disguise, do you believe that?
Never look for a solution but the conclusion.
Forgive yourself because you personally know why, you know very well that trust broken can be healed, just love right, remember like you do, a step in the right direction is a quench to the thirst you seek to eradicate.

In the past I was blind, confessions are truths told, pain is vanity and if that’s your gain, your loosing, depression is a ghost town that haunts you down like blood hounds.
It was almost a quarter to thirteen hundred hours, confirmation done on the iPhone, intensity increases, tension exists, listening, watching, thinking, every action monitored.
Heard that knowledge is power, then shortly after realized that wisdom is not power but intellectual intellect aka commonly known as intelligence, only a few make a choice, imagine explaining to one of your kids where they came from, kajasho katiririka, kayeyuka na outcome will be a choice from the options.

It’s hard to start out, it’s like high school all over again, watching a classic and every time, a new idea comes to mind, going solo, away from home, when a nigger finally moves out, growth is rooted, just accept your path, like a seed grows, picture yourself an Oak Tree, a company, a dynasty of connections, African.

Like a closed book, the end or beginning is on the side you face, a reader before closed it, the next opened it, as a new chapter the next author took up of it like the great Legend of King Author, the message is spread out, to the largest and to the smallest of realms.